Saturday, April 26, 2014

Public Service Announcement

I don't often talk about my personal life on my book blog, but with the way I've neglected this blog, I feel an explanation is needed. Even though I'm 95% sure no one really followed/follows my blog avidly. But anyway...

My life has changed a lot in the last year and a half or so, to which I attribute my lack of blogging.

In August 2012, I moved from Canada to Australia to gain some experience teaching and to travel and see more of the world. I started doing substitute teaching right away and worked most days until the end of November when I was offered a full time position, starting in January 2013. (Reminder that the school year here goes from February to December.)

It was my first time having my own class. My first contract teaching job. And it was in a special needs school, something in which I didn't have much experience. Needless to say, the job enveloped my life. It was my first year teaching and I had a lot of learning and work to do to really set myself up as a teacher with my own class. I didn't have any time for blogging anymore. Heck, I hardly had any time for reading. I read half the amount of books I'd usually read in a year. It became a reality that book blogging was in the past for me.

Fast-forward a year. I'm not in my second year of teaching at the same school. I have some experience teaching. I know (more-or-less) what I'm doing and what's expected of me. I don't need to stress as much about doing my job right, because I know I can do it right.

That being said, I'm making a bigger effort to take time to read for pleasure. I don't know if this will lead me back to book blogging, but I hope so. I love reading. I love the book community. I had such an awesome time when I was book blogging and part of that community. The fact alone that I'm taking the time to write this tells me I'm already on the track back. Even if it will be less frequent than it once was.

I hope I can find my way back.


Katieb Mundie Moms said...

Congratulations on the huge adventure and the job! How exciting. I worked with special ed back when I worked in the school, before having my kids, and I loved it. It is time consuming. Blogging will always be here, and you do what you can do. I'm thrilled for you and wish you all the best in your second year teaching.

Helen Keyes said...

Reading can lead more amazing ideas and precious information to your book blogging.

Helen @TeFL Program

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